Kim Kardashian Spotted Leaving Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Busted! Kim Kardashian was seen on Wednesday leaving the offices of the Miami Institute for Age Management. And yes, that’s a fancy name for a place that doles out everything from Botox to plastic surgery! Wait, hasn’t Kim always maintained that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery? There’s a first time for everything.

Actually, there’s no real proof that Kimmy was having a procedure, but she did skip out the back door of the offices. If she had nothing to hide, why not leave through the front door, like everyone else? Of course, the paparazzi caught her as she was leaving. If she did have something done, there was no evidence of it (i.e. no bandages). Perhaps she was just there for a consult? Kim is 32 now, so she might be feeling some pressure to keep her youthful looks in ship shape.

Kim Kardashian was escorted by her BFF, Jonathan Cheban, as she left the med spa. She sported very large black sunglasses, too, but hey it’s sunny in Miami — that doesn’t mean she had anything to hide…or does it? Stay tuned!

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