“The Kardashians Family” 10-year-old anniversary

The reality show “The Kardashians Family” will celebrate a decade on the air this autumn. In 2007, the channel E! showed the first episode, after which Kim, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian, Kris, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have become incredibly popular. By that time Kim had already became known by her sex tape with Ray J and this show added to her Continue Reading

Photographer sued sisters Kardashian for their images on T-shirts

Not long ago there broke out the scandal with clothing on top of which Kendall and Kylie posted their portraits. There would be nothing bad about it unless under their images there were the photos of the famous musicians. Photographer Michael Miller has filed a lawsuit against sisters Kim,Kendall and Kylie because of the scandalous t-shirts with images of the Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s sister – brunette in Marilyn Monroe’s image

The younger sister of the famous socialite Kim Kardashian has tried Marilyn Monroe’s image on. 21-year-old model Kendall Jenner took part in the shoot for Love Magazine, depicting in front of the cameras the legendary American actress and singer. The stylists did a good work on retro image of the model. The Kardashian’s sister had her hair curled, also she Continue Reading

How much for an ad on the Kardashians Instagram page?

While the majority of people spend most of their time in offices trying to get by, the Kardashians family earn some fortune by posting a photo in Instagram. Media has revealed the cost of a promotional post of the family’s every member. As you know, Instagram is one of the key sources of income in the Kardashian family. It works Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s sister claimed her jewels to be stolen

The fans of the Kardashians family have hardly forgotten the notorious robbery in Paris taken place in October, during the Fashion Week. And now again, this time Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kendall Jenner has become a victim of the theft of jewelry worth $200 000 from her home in Los Angeles. 21-year-old Kendall Jenner discovered the theft on Wednesday evening, Continue Reading

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are together again

The bright personal life of Kim Kardashian’s younger sister can be envied by many celebrities. Just a couple of months ago Kylie Jenner was attributed an affair with 23-year-old basketball player Jordan Clarkson, Los Angeles Lakers, and recently, rumors have appeared  that the 20-year-old model returned to her former lover — musician Harry Styles. This information is confirmed by eyewitnesses, Continue Reading

Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian told about their fears

Kendall Jenner confessed that she has a fear which can bring her out of balance. On her personal site the 20-year-old model told about her biggest phobia. It was about trypophobia – the fear of clusters of small holes. The American Psychiatric Association does not recognize this phenomenon as a mental disorder, but thousands of people admit that the holes Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian thinks Cristiano Ronaldo a perfect match for her sister

Kim Kardashian has already grabbed herself a tasty morsel –it is the  third year she is married to an American rapper Kanye West. But the TV star is not satisfied. Having decided to fill up the family with a new talent, Kardashian began an active matchmaking of her younger sister Kendall Jenner. On the celebration of the 47th birthday of Continue Reading