Kim Kardashian Spotted Leaving Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Busted! Kim Kardashian was seen on Wednesday leaving the offices of the Miami Institute for Age Management. And yes, that’s a fancy name for a place that doles out everything from Botox to plastic surgery! Wait, hasn’t Kim always maintained that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery? There’s a first time for everything. Actually, there’s no real proof that Kimmy Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Has Acne Issues? Really?

Kim Kardashian has a gorgeous, curvaceous figure and she almost always looks flawless, even if she’s dressed down. With or without makeup, Kim’s skin almost always glows. Good genes? Sure, but also great doctors. Everyone, even mega-celebrities, has issues at some point. Now, it seems, Kim K. is also having issues. Unfortunately for her, the cameras capture everything. Fresh off Continue Reading

Khloe Kardashian With and Without Makeup: Stunning Transformation

Khloe Kardashian is a natural beauty, possibly more so than any other Kardashian woman (yes, including Kim). She’s not afraid to be photographed without a stitch of makeup on, as she goes about her day. That being said, she can also glam it up with the best of them, and newly published photos show just how incredible her transformation can Continue Reading