Is Kendall Jenner Out of Control? Kim K’s Little Sis is Going a Bit Wild

Kendall Jenner is a beautiful young woman. At 16, she’s already becoming a popular model. Her future most certainly looks bright, and everyone seems to be hoping she’ll stay on the straight and narrow path. With Kris Jenner for a mom though, that remains to be seen.

Remember way back when, when Kendall wasn’t sure about pursuing a modeling career? Sister Kim Kardashian totally encouraged her to give it a go, and she was right. Kendall is a stunning model. That’s a plus.

What isn’t a plus? At 16, Kendall is shamelessly flaunting her seriously underage bikini bod for all the world to see. This week, Kendall took to her Twitter account to send out a pic of her wearing a bikini and no makeup. Sure, she’s a natural beauty — but again, she is still a young teen. Is this even appropriate?

Kendall’s also done some pretty provocative swimsuit modeling this year, too. Is this really a good thing? It’s one thing when Kim Kardashian tweets a sexy photo of herself, because she’s a grown-up. Not cool for the younger Kendall, not cool at all. It seems Kim K. isn’t the only exhibitionist in the Kardashian family!

A new report suggests that Kendall Jenner has some issues behind the wheel. She reportedly almost ran a driver off the road because she was allegedly texting while driving. She’s 16 and behind the wheel — so anything is possible. Kendall needs to learn to be more responsible, or she’s heading down a bad, bad road.

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