Is Kendall Jenner Out of Control? Kim K’s Little Sis is Going a Bit Wild

Kendall Jenner is a beautiful young woman. At 16, she’s already becoming a popular model. Her future most certainly looks bright, and everyone seems to be hoping she’ll stay on the straight and narrow path. With Kris Jenner for a mom though, that remains to be seen. Remember way back when, when Kendall wasn’t sure about pursuing a modeling career? Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Divorce Drama Continues: She Says It has Nothing to Do With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian obviously knows what everyone is thinking: that she’s looking to divorce Kris Humphries as quickly as possible, so she can marry Kanye West. Kim didn’t get where she is today by being stupid. Now, she’s doing a little spin control, to quiet all of the naysayers. In a new report out today, Kim Kardashian reportedly says she’s not Continue Reading