Kim Kardashian outraged Americans by filming herself naked in front of the U.S. flag

Kim Kardashian got into a scandal because of her next candid photo shoot. The author of the photo was British artist Nadia Lee Cohen. Relevant photos and videos appeared on her Instagram page. Many Americans were offended by the impressive naked buttocks of Kanye West’s ex-wife in front of the American flag. Kim Kardashian puzzled many fans with her appearance. Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian burst into tears at her photos

Many people would think that criticism has no influence on stars, but they do care about it, especially if it is not justified. After the scandal with photoshop there appeared a video with Kim Kardashian’s reaction at unflattering photos of her imperfect figure. The scandal with Kim Kardashian on the beach in Mexico was discussed in all the tabloids around Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian got the letter of repentance from her offender

The lawyers of the American television star and model Kim Kardashian received a letter from the man suspected in the robbery of Kim in Paris a year ago. The author of the letter is a 60-year-old Omar AIT Hadas, who was charged with the attack and robbery of Kim Kardashian by the French authorities. “Seeing your emotions and realizing what Continue Reading

Scandal: Kim Kardashian supported racist Jefree Star

Kim Kardashian is again in the center of the scandal. Net users have accused her of racism defense and narrow-mindedness. And all because of the fact that Kardashian stood up for the world-famous transgender model Jeffree Star. Earlier Star became famous for his racist remarks, which aroused a storm of criticism and indignation in his address. The scandal began quite Continue Reading

Photographer sued sisters Kardashian for their images on T-shirts

Not long ago there broke out the scandal with clothing on top of which Kendall and Kylie posted their portraits. There would be nothing bad about it unless under their images there were the photos of the famous musicians. Photographer Michael Miller has filed a lawsuit against sisters Kim,Kendall and Kylie because of the scandalous t-shirts with images of the Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian scared her fans by her no-photoshop body

A beach photoshoot of the American TV show star Kim Kardashian has become the center of the scandal. Her fans saw her body without photoshop. Sources close to the star, reported that she was very upset after reading criticism of her cellulite. Kim Kardashian had planned to surprise her fans with photos of her “real body”, but her idea was Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s sister claimed her jewels to be stolen

The fans of the Kardashians family have hardly forgotten the notorious robbery in Paris taken place in October, during the Fashion Week. And now again, this time Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kendall Jenner has become a victim of the theft of jewelry worth $200 000 from her home in Los Angeles. 21-year-old Kendall Jenner discovered the theft on Wednesday evening, Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner lost against Kylie Minogue’s trademark

American singer Kylie Minogue has sued the younger sister of Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner for the rights to the trademark Kylie (“Kylie”). Judicial scandal began in 2014 when Jenner’s lawyer has filed an application for the registration of the trademark Kylie on behalf of his ward. The girl produces cosmetics and clothes. Minogue spoke out strongly against it. At that Continue Reading