Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian told about their fears

Kendall Jenner confessed that she has a fear which can bring her out of balance. On her personal site the 20-year-old model told about her biggest phobia. It was about trypophobia – the fear of clusters of small holes. The American Psychiatric Association does not recognize this phenomenon as a mental disorder, but thousands of people admit that the holes in the Lotus seeds, little bubbles in the dough, and numerous other small holes causes shivering, itching, nausea and bad general condition. The famous model turned out to be among these people.

‘All my friends know that I suffer from trypophobia. I can’t bear to look at the pancakes, honeycombs, Lotus seeds. Who knows what may be hiding in small holes?! I immediately feel some terrible anxiety’, admitted Kendall.

By the way, another representative of the famous family, Khloe Kardashian, has a phobia as well. She confessed that she was afraid of… navel.

‘I hate belly buttons! I can’t stand to touch them. I scream in shower every time I have to wash my belly button’, 32-year-old reality show star said on her personal website.

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