Kim Kardashian’s new stationary collection

New school year has started and Kim Kardashian-West has posted on her Instagram the dream of all students. A set of “back to school” includes bags and stationery with Kardashian’s crying face and her famous butt. In the collection of Kim Kardashian school supplies there is a backpack with Kim’s suffering face, lunchbox, laptop case, stickers, a computer mice pad, Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian compares Trump with her 4-year-old daughter

In an interview for Arabic glossy magazine Haspers Bazzar Kim Kardashian said that her four year old daughter would be able to govern better than the current US President Donald Trump. Kardashian is sure that anyone could govern the United States not worse than the current head, including her four-year-old daughter. ‘For a long time, American society has worked hard Continue Reading

Mischievous kids: 11-year-old Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie stole lipsticks

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie were not always as glamorous as they are, earning millions of dollars. Since they have been friends since childhood they have a lot of incriminating stories that they now recall with a smile. Kim shared one of these stories in a new post on her site confessing that as children she and Nicole… were stealing Continue Reading

Kanye West compared to drunkard from the province

There have appeared new pictures of the famous American rapper Kanye West taken by paparazzi. However, active users of the Internet did not appreciate the celebrity’s look, and compared him with a typical alcoholic from the province. The users of social network Twitter made fun of a famous rapper Kanye West for his flamboyant style, or for his lack of Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian shared 20 facts about herself

Kim Kardashian has decided to become closer to her fans. She has published 20 previously unknown facts about her personality on her website. There the fans were able to read interesting, unexpected and strange details of her life. For example, Kim wrote that she sleeps with her eyes open. “It scares the hell out of people,” she joked. Kardashian knew Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Gets Pregnancy Advice from Who?!

If anyone knows how to handle being a pregnant reality TV celebrity, it’s Kim Kardashian. That doesn’t mean, however, that she’s not open to suggestions and helpful tips from her fellow celebs. Now, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is stepping up to offer some advice to Kimmy on how to have her baby with the grace and style befitting someone rich and Continue Reading