Kim Kardashian Gets Pregnancy Advice from Who?!

If anyone knows how to handle being a pregnant reality TV celebrity, it’s Kim Kardashian. That doesn’t mean, however, that she’s not open to suggestions and helpful tips from her fellow celebs. Now, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is stepping up to offer some advice to Kimmy on how to have her baby with the grace and style befitting someone rich and very, very famous.

Yes, Snooki is bonding with Kim K. over babies, it seems. In a special video message, the “Jersey Shore” pint-sized star explains to Kim Kardashian that it’s really tough to look “flawless” while giving birth, but it’s necessary. Among her suggestions for Kim: If her water breaks and she isn’t wearing her makeup, don’t stress too much because there will be “plenty of time to do it in the hospital” while she’s waiting for labor to progress.

The Snookster also mentions that Kim Kardashian should be careful and pick the right makeup colors, because hospital walls and lighting aren’t entirely flattering. She also recommends keeping jewelry low key and classic.

No doubt Kim Kardashian’s developing a lavish, elaborate birthing plan that involves having her hair and makeup done flawlessly before she and boyfriend Kanye West welcome their baby into the world this summer, but it never hurts to get some tips from a pro, right?

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