Pregnant Kim Kardashian in the Nude? Well, Sort Of…

This has got to be the biggest eye-rolling story of the week with regards to Kim Kardashian: A celebrity artist has forever captured her pregnant form in a statue, entitled “L.A. Fertility.” Yes, this really happened. The statue, which shows a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian (minus her arms) debuted this week in Los Angeles. What does Kimmy think about her Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump: Now Fashionably Dressed

Well, well, well, Kim Kardashian is finally getting the hang of this pregnancy thing. Why? Because she’s actually stepping out in some maternity wear, that’s why! Honestly, some of Kimmy’s outfits in recent weeks have just been totally ridiculous and grossly inappropriate for a pregnant woman to wear. The world is watching, and it’s time for Kim to deliver (at Continue Reading

It’s Kendall and Kylie Jenner Week: The Girls Take Manhattan By Storm

Leave it to Kendall Jenner and her younger sister Kylie to literally steal the headlines from their famous older sisters. How, exactly did these gorgeous sisters manage to pull that off? By looking positively fierce as they strutted down the runway at a major Manhattan fashion event this week. Kendall and Kylie, along with mom Kris Jenner, were decked out Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Look: Frumpy or Chic?

It’s finally happened: Kim Kardashian has stepped out in public wearing clothes that could definitely be defined as “maternity.” Kimmy is heading into her second trimester of pregnancy, so she’s going to start really showing in the next few weeks (most likely). No doubt her usual arsenal of tight-fitting skirts and leather pants won’t fit over the growing baby bump, Continue Reading

Is Kim Kardashian Still Desirable?

Kim Kardashian’s fashion misses are becoming almost as frequent as her hits, unfortunately. Her latest issue: A really seriously bad peplum outfit that did anything but flatter. In fact, it made her look huge and downright freakish. Poor Kimmy: Doesn’t every girl know that rarely ever flatters, even if it’s made by one of the most famous designers in the Continue Reading

Khloe Kardashian Has a Bizarre Makeup Trick

Khloe Kardashian, like any good Kardashian sister, knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight. Most notably, she knows how to shine at big events. Khloe almost always looks ravishing on the red carpet, and she definitely gets her glam on, regularly. But Khloe K. has a strange secret. It’s a makeup trick that just seems…outrageous. It seems Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Leather Look: Hot, or Not?

Very few people can pull off leather pants. Can Kim Kardashian? That’s definitely a matter of opinon, and in this case: no. Absolutely not! Kim K. was in Los Angeles’ airport on Tuesday, rocking a pair of rocker-style, black leather pants, and they were anything but flattering. It’s great that Kim makes some bold fashion choices…it’s just that they don’t Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Has Acne Issues? Really?

Kim Kardashian has a gorgeous, curvaceous figure and she almost always looks flawless, even if she’s dressed down. With or without makeup, Kim’s skin almost always glows. Good genes? Sure, but also great doctors. Everyone, even mega-celebrities, has issues at some point. Now, it seems, Kim K. is also having issues. Unfortunately for her, the cameras capture everything. Fresh off Continue Reading