Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump: Now Fashionably Dressed

Well, well, well, Kim Kardashian is finally getting the hang of this pregnancy thing. Why? Because she’s actually stepping out in some maternity wear, that’s why! Honestly, some of Kimmy’s outfits in recent weeks have just been totally ridiculous and grossly inappropriate for a pregnant woman to wear. The world is watching, and it’s time for Kim to deliver (at least, fashion-wise).

Critics can be really harsh, and no one takes more criticism than Kim K. Does she let it get her down? Probably not, but she apparently does listen. Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian strolled around Beverly Hills wearing a really flattering tan dress, one that did not hug her growing baby bump at all. If anything, it accented Kim’s fuller figure. Kim opted to ditch her trademark heels, too, opting instead for a nice pair of thong sandals. That’s much smarter, pregnancy-wise, because no doubt her feet and back hurt when she wears the sky-high heels these days.

Kim Kardashian hired a pair of new fashion stylists recently, and it is paying off. Anyone who’s been through pregnancy knows that really, it’s not easy to balance fashion and comfort, with comfort as the key. Still, this is a great time to accessorize, and right now, Kim’s best accessory is her bump. She can’t go wrong choosing nice, flowing dresses and accenting with beautiful necklaces and bracelets. When in doubt, keep things minimal and it’s really, really hard to screw up. Just because your clothes don’t cling, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and feminine!

Congrats, Kim Kardashian: You’re getting there!

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