Kim Kardashian Has Acne Issues? Really?

Kim Kardashian has a gorgeous, curvaceous figure and she almost always looks flawless, even if she’s dressed down. With or without makeup, Kim’s skin almost always glows. Good genes? Sure, but also great doctors. Everyone, even mega-celebrities, has issues at some point. Now, it seems, Kim K. is also having issues. Unfortunately for her, the cameras capture everything. Fresh off Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Hits the Red Carpet for the MTV Europe Music Awards in a Sexy…Garbage Bag?!

For every great outfit Kim Kardashian wears, there is often another that’s just simply horrible. This is exactly the case with whatever kind of “dress” she decided to wear to the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday night. And yes, if you’re wondering, Kim K.’s boyfriend, Kanye West was with her, so he’s also to blame for this debacle. Continue Reading

The Kardashian Sisters Take London By Storm

It was a wild weekend for the Kardashian sisters in London, as they arrived just in time to help launch their brand new clothing line. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian very nearly caused a riot, as crazed fans did anything they could just to get a glimpse of the trio. The scene got so rowdy that police had their hands Continue Reading