Pregnant Kim Kardashian in the Nude? Well, Sort Of…

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in the Nude statue

Kim Kardashian L.A. Fertility statue

This has got to be the biggest eye-rolling story of the week with regards to Kim Kardashian: A celebrity artist has forever captured her pregnant form in a statue, entitled “L.A. Fertility.” Yes, this really happened. The statue, which shows a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian (minus her arms) debuted this week in Los Angeles.

What does Kimmy think about her likeness? No comment, so far, but honestly she loves publicity, and this is about as good as it gets. The story about the nude Kim Kardashian pregnant statue was covered by several major media outlets. As we close in on Kim K.’s final month or so of pregnancy, this is probably the nicest story about her that’s come out.

Why doesn’t Kim Kardashian’s statue have arms? The sculptor, Daniel Edwards, explained that this was an attempt to point out how obnoxious some of the coverage of Kim in the media has been in recent months. So many have criticized Kim for her looks, pointing out that she’s gained a ton of weight. Well, duh, she’s pregnant! Edwards says by removing the arms, everyone can focus on “the beauty” of Kim’s pregnant form.

If you ever had the urge to rub pregnant Kim Kardashian’s huge baby belly, you can: Visitors to the LAB ART Gallery in L.A. are “encouraged” to rub Kim’s statue’s belly for good luck.

Wow. Just wow.

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