Kim Kardashian’s Leather Look: Hot, or Not?

Very few people can pull off leather pants. Can Kim Kardashian? That’s definitely a matter of opinon, and in this case: no. Absolutely not! Kim K. was in Los Angeles’ airport on Tuesday, rocking a pair of rocker-style, black leather pants, and they were anything but flattering. It’s great that Kim makes some bold fashion choices…it’s just that they don’t always work out so well for her.

This isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian has opted for the supposedly sexy leather look, but it might be the worst. As Kimmy was breezing through the airport on her way to catch a flight, she was photographed (of course) from every angle by paparazzi. When one is a major celebrity, one really needs to check an outfit, front *and* back, before heading out to face the world. In this case, Kim’s pants looked semi-okay from the front, though a bit tight. From the back? An utter disaster.

Leather, you see, bunches up. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how skinny/curvy you are, leather will inevitably bunch up and really look bad. Kim Kardashian’s super-tight leather pants did just that…her backside was, wrinkly? To be fair, she paired the leather pants with a beautiful blazer and tank top underneath, but even that (and great, expensive accessories) wasn’t enough to save this fashion disaster!

Of all the things in the world that Kim Kardashian has to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday, leather is not one of them. Spanx, maybe, but not leather pants.

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