Kourtney Kardashian Slaps Kim K.’s Bestie?

Fans are eagerly awaiting the new season of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,’ and now a preview gives us all some idea of what’s going down. Apparently, Kourtney Kardashian takes great issue with something Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, does or says, because it sure looks like she slaps him silly!

What would a Kardashian reality show be without major drama? The new preview trailer for ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ doesn’t reveal much, but it makes it clear that there will be plenty of fighting going on, including a spat involving Kourtney and Kim. Viewers can see Kimmy and her older sis grabbing at each other angrily, and we hear Kim screaming, “Don’t you ever say that to me again!”

Wow, right? The season premiere for the show is set for Sunday, January 20, and it can’t come soon enough for everyone who needs a Kardashian family fix. What do you think prompted the Cheban slap by Kourtney? And what could Kourtney Kardashian and sister Kim K. be arguing about so heatedly?  Stay tuned. This season of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ promises to be filled with fun in the sun, conflicts, arguments and glam!

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