Kim Kardashian Says Baby Daddy Kanye West was Right to Wail on Photogs

In case you haven’t heard, late last week, Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Kanye West, were out for a stroll in Beverly Hills when Yeezy ran smack into a road sign. Video of the incident made the rounds, snickering commenced, and Kanye was left with a bump/cut on his forehead as a result. And yes, he was trying to avoid photographers, keeping his head down, when he collided face first with the sign.
What’s really amazing here, to be honest, is the fact that Kanye West didn’t completely go off on the photogs right after he hit his head. No, he played it very cool, thanks probably in part to Kim Kardashian being there. But Kanye didn’t keep his cool for long: After entering a swanky lunch joint for a bite, he decided he’d had just about enough of the paparazzi. He stormed out of the restaurant and absolutely went off on any and all photographers who were outside snapping photos. It was full-on Kanye West raging.

Fortunately, a very pregnant Kim Kardashian stayed inside the restaurant when Kanye ran out, uttering a string of profanities. He’d clearly had enough. Now Kim is speaking out about the entire incident, supposedly telling those close to her that Kanye was totally right in going off on the photographers. She claims that the “paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant.” Is it any wonder? Photos of celebrities are big business, and Kim K.’s pregnancy? Aside from the Royal Couple, this is the biggest pregnancy in the world.

Nevertheless, some have pointed out that Kanye West’s run-in with the road sign wasn’t a direct result of the paparazzi. They were standing several feet away. Do you think Kim Kardashian’s man was in the right to vent his frustrations the way he did? Here is video:

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