How much for an ad on the Kardashians Instagram page?

While the majority of people spend most of their time in offices trying to get by, the Kardashians family earn some fortune by posting a photo in Instagram. Media has revealed the cost of a promotional post of the family’s every member. As you know, Instagram is one of the key sources of income in the Kardashian family. It works Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner likes to wear men’s underwear

Kylie Jenner, an American model and Kim Kardashian’s sister, has written in her microblog that she prefers to wear men’s underwear and that she is barely embarrassed about it. Corresponding photos have been published in social networks. Kylie Jenner is an active fan of the social network Instagram and often pleases her fans with her provocative photos. At this time Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner lost against Kylie Minogue’s trademark

American singer Kylie Minogue has sued the younger sister of Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner for the rights to the trademark Kylie (“Kylie”). Judicial scandal began in 2014 when Jenner’s lawyer has filed an application for the registration of the trademark Kylie on behalf of his ward. The girl produces cosmetics and clothes. Minogue spoke out strongly against it. At that Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner became a platinum blonde

Kim Kardashian’s junior sister Kylie Jenner has made up her mind to change radically. Kim Kardashian’s junior sister Kylie Jenner has made up her mind to change radically. 19-year-old model had her gorgeous hair cut and dyed. And now she is a platinum blonde. Kylie emphasized her new image with a red dress, which underlined all her curves. However, not Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner showed her natural beauty

Kylie Jenner always looks perfect: wherever the girl goes out –  to the beach or a party, a full makeup is an integral part of her image. Pencil, lipstick, mascara – the reality show star forgets nothing. So Jenner’s recently published photos are especially valuable as it the first time Kylie appeared before her fans without a ton of makeup. Continue Reading