The Kardashian Family’s Group Therapy: Rob Kardashian in Tears!

The Kardashians are known for being a tight-knit family, but they certainly have no shortage of issues with each other. Because of this, the gang thought it might be a good idea to get a little family therapy. Fans got to see a good bit of what happened during the group therapy session on the most recent episode of ‘Keeping Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Nasty Divorce Battle: Who’s to Blame?

For weeks now, we’ve consistently heard that Kim Kardashian’s attorneys are blaming Kris Humphries for the ridiculous delay in the ex-couple’s divorce proceedings. Humphries’ lawyers blame Kim K. Who’s right? According to one new report, Kris Humphries’ legal team is correct in blaming his ex-wife of 72 days, Kim Kardashian, for tying up the legal process and slowing things to Continue Reading

Is Rob Kardashian Dating Rihanna?!

Rob Kardashian is a bit of a playboy. That’s not at all surprising, given his family name. What is surprising, is his new potential love interest: Rihanna! No, it’s not shocking that Rob K. would find RiRi attractive (who doesn’t?), but it’s a bit surprising that Rihanna would potentially reciprocate. After all, she can have any guy she wants. Rob Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Wants to Remind Everyone That She and Kanye West are Happy

Just in case everyone has forgotten, Kim Kardashian would like to remind us all that she and Kanye West are still together and deliriously happy. This, in the wake of a rather shocking sex scandal story involving Kim K. and (supposedly) two porn stars! Never a dull moment with Kimmy, but fans need not worry: Kimye is still going strong. Continue Reading

Khloe Kardashian Okay After Minor Fender Bender

Khloe Kardashian is the latest member of the Kardashian family to have car-related issues. Earlier this week, Khloe had what’s described as an “insignificant” auto accident in Los Angeles. In fact, Khloe rear-ended an SUV. The damage was definitely minor, but it’s concerning. Was Khloe paying enough attention to what she was doing? Hopefully Khloe Kardashian-Odom has enough sense to Continue Reading

Kourtney Kardashian talks baby weight and baby Penelope

Kourtney Kardashian is a tiny woman. She’s only five feet tall, but she recently revealed that she gained a whopping 45 pounds while she was pregnant with her new daughter, Penelope! That certainly seems like an excessive pregnancy weight gain, doesn’t it? Every woman is different, to be fair, and Kourt doesn’t seem overly concerned about dropping the excess pounds Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Under Fire: Kris Humphries’ Ex-Girlfriend Goes After Her!

Kim Kardashiana and Myla Sinanaj are going at it, at least, legally speaking. Myla is the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s soon-to-be ex-husband (following this?), and she absolutely hates Kim K. This woman is a piece of work, putting it mildly. She made headlines for allegedly claiming she was pregnant, and that Kris was the father. She later claimed she’d never said Continue Reading