Kim Kardashian Wants to Remind Everyone That She and Kanye West are Happy

Just in case everyone has forgotten, Kim Kardashian would like to remind us all that she and Kanye West are still together and deliriously happy. This, in the wake of a rather shocking sex scandal story involving Kim K. and (supposedly) two porn stars! Never a dull moment with Kimmy, but fans need not worry: Kimye is still going strong.

How did Kim Kardashian let everyone know she and Yeezy are still totally in love? With a tweet, of course. On Tuesday night, Kim K. took to her Twitter account to post an Instagram photo with Kanye. She added one simple word to the tweet: “Hi”. The closeup pic of Kim and Kanye is actually pretty good. It’s not easy to look gorgeous when your face is ginormous in a photo, after all. But if anyone’s comfortable being in front of a camera, it’s Kim, right?

Nearly six months after word of their relationship first broke, it seems that Kim Kardashian and her rapper/media mogul boyfriend Kanye West are still going strong. She’s on the right track — Kim’s already been with Kanye much longer than she was married to Kris Humphries. Is this Kanye relationship the real deal? Only time (a lot of it) will tell.

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