Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape? Not Exactly

Kim Kardashian, hang on to your knickers: There’s another sex tape out there, and this one stars your current boyfriend, Kanye West! And not only that: West is reportedly cavorting with a woman who looks exactly like you. Uh oh?!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have yet to star in a sex tape of their very own, but each has apparently made a tape with someone else. Of course, we know about Kim’s tape with then-boyfriend Ray J, is infamous now and  it is everywhere, but Kanye too?! Yes, if you believe the rumors.

Sex tape featuring rapper Kanye West with a woman who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian might get leaked at some point. To be clear, the woman in the 20-minute tape with Yeezy is not Kim — but she’s pretty much a lookalike. Not much is known about the woman’s identity, except that she’s supposedly 18 years old and married. No doubt this information will come to light, eventually.

A source described only as an “insider” says that Kanye West is “freaking out” about the sex tape, but what about Kim Kardashian? This tape was supposedly made long before Kim and Ye hooked up, but this has to be awkward for her, too. Still, Kim’s not exactly in a position (so to speak) to say anything, is she?

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