Kim Kardashian has tried Frida Kahlo’s image on

Kim Kardashian rarely pleases her fans with new selfies lately. But the popular app Snapchat seems to be the star’s favourite. Trying on the new images, the star communicates with her followers. March 8, on International Women’s Day, the star shocked everyone with a bright mono eyebrow. In this way Kim supported the initiative of the creators of the popular Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner likes to wear men’s underwear

Kylie Jenner, an American model and Kim Kardashian’s sister, has written in her microblog that she prefers to wear men’s underwear and that she is barely embarrassed about it. Corresponding photos have been published in social networks. Kylie Jenner is an active fan of the social network Instagram and often pleases her fans with her provocative photos. At this time Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian showed her photos from 1980s

The reality star Kim Kardashian showed her photo shoot of the 1980s. The debut of a future socialite took place in the journal Barbie. She was about eight years old then. In the pictures Kardashian is dressed in fashion of those times. Photos were taken at some of the main attractions of Los Angeles, as the edition was dedicated to Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian showed her skin once again

The scandalous American model Kim Kardashian has once again stripped for the audience – this time the wife of Kanye West demonstrated the effect of her tanning. The other day Kim Kardashian returned from Mexico, where she was vacationing with her children. However, the socialite did not have time for sunbathing on the resort Punta Mita. And that was not Continue Reading

Guess Who Saw a Photo of Kim Kardashian’s baby? Kanye West’s Arch Enemy, That’s Who!

Oh boy, Kris Jenner has really stepped in it now. Kim Kardashian is probably furious with her mom, after Kris supposedly revealed a photo of baby North West to none other than Matt Lauer. Why is this such a huge deal? Because North’s daddy hates the Today show host, that’s why! Kim K. and Kanye are keeping a tight circle Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Offered How Much for Baby North West Photos?!

Remember not long ago when Kim Kardashian said she and Kanye West wanted more privacy? It’s possible she was serious. Now that baby North West has arrived, Kim and Yeezy have virtually dropped out of sight entirely (Kim especially). No doubt they’re spending a lot of quality family time together, presumably holed up in the Kardashian compound in Calabasas, California, Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Revenge: Poses in a Bikini in Greece

Kim Kardashian’s certainly taken more than her fair share of flack about her fashion choices, especially now that she’s pregnant. But who gets the last laugh? Kim! Why? Because right now, Kim K. is on the cover of a major U.S. magazine wearing a bikini…and she looks pretty amazing. Kim Kardashian sports a gorgeous, burgundy bikini on the cover of Continue Reading