Pregnant Kim Kardashian is Staying in Shape

Every mom-to-be knows that it’s really important to keep up a fitness routine while pregnant. Having a great exercise plan can help with a myriad of pregnancy-related issues, and it can help to reduce stress, of course. Kim Kardashian definitely knows this, and she’s been hitting the gym with increasing frequency in recent weeks. What is Kimmy doing, exactly, to stay healthy and in shape while she’s pregnant?

First off, Kim K. has a celebrity trainer. That’s not surprising, given that she’s a celeb with a ton of cash to shell out for some serious one-on-one fitness training. Who is she? It’s none other than celeb fitness expert Tracy Anderson. The woman has trained some of the most famous people in Hollywood, pregnant or not, and Kim is a devoted fan.

Tracy Anderson shares some of Kim Kardashian’s training secrets. She says she’s following something called the “pregnancy project” — a special exercise program designed to take a pregnant woman through each month with ease. Anderson says that once Kim gets through this program and gives birth, she’ll be sexier than ever. And no, after baby Kimye comes she won’t get to slack off: Anderson says Kim K. will need to hit the gym again post-birth to get back into her incredible, sexy curvy shape.

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