Kim Kardashian showed her real face

In the Network, the fans of Kim Kardashian rarely see a photo of her without makeup, but now, paparazzi captured her in this way. A new story has become a reason for debate among users of networks, noting the similarity of the star’s appearance with a vampire.

On her Instagram page the girl always publishes the pictures where she shines bright in front of the cameras with the styling and flawless make-up on her face, but now the fans have seen her in sport pants resting on the sidewalk after a workout. They immediately noticed the grown roots of the hair, which was carelessly tied on her head.

The photo arose many unflattering comments about the appearance of Kim Kardashian. The followers didn’t forget to mention her eyebrows and eyes. Fans concluded that the star indeed resembled the negative character of the legends, which they wrote in their comments.

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