Kim Kardashian released a new app

Kim Kardashian has released a new mobile app called Screenshop. According to the creators, it should help a lot of people dress like their favorite celebrities.

The app is very easy to use and works similar to Shazam but only for images. The user can take a screenshot of any picture on Instagram or Facebook or even take a picture of someone on the street, then upload it to Screenshop — and he or she will be shown things from online shops that are most similar to a given query. When you select any of the options the application will redirect you to the website where you can buy anything just in a couple of clicks.

Screenshop has database of over 400 stores, from luxury to medium priced. The search results can be sorted by similarity or price or in alphabetical order by brand names. You can add things into favorites, and on this basis, the application will generate the user’s home directory with personal recommendations. Screenshop also has its own online store.

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