Kim Kardashian Moves in With Mom Kris Jenner on ‘KUWTK’

Kim Kardashian Moves in With Mom Kris Jenner on 'KUWTK'

This past week’s ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ revealed a lot about exactly how and why Kim Kardashian decided to move in with mom Kris Jenner. A very pregnant Kimmy was in a tough spot: Her new house (with baby daddy Kanye West) wasn’t going to be ready until February of 2014 (much later than expected), but she had to be out of her now-sold house almost immediately. It was Kris to the rescue, apparently.

Kim Kardashian was basically making all of the major decisions about where she, Kanye West and their new baby were going to live until their house was finished. It’s unfortunate that Kanye was in Paris recording his album, because it really did put every single thing on his baby mama. And yes, the Kardashians have plenty of money to buy or rent any space they want in the world, but Kim’s major requirement, that the area be gated, allowing privacy from paparazzi, made things infinitely more difficult.

After looking at several stunning homes, a discouraged Kim Kardashian was feeling completely overwhelmed. Eventually, she caved: She agreed to live with Kris and Bruce Jenner in their Calabasas compound (which is extremely private) for a month or so. So this decision was indeed made without Kanye West in the picture. Imagine his surprise when Kim broke the news! That probably wasn’t a really fun conversation between them.

The latest Keeping Up with the Kardashians was almost depressing, as viewers saw Kim K. moving out, trying to put together a stroller and taking a CPR class. Where was Kanye? It’s sad to see Kimmy doing all of these baby-prep things without Yeezy around.

Fortunately for Kim, sister Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, stepped up to help out. He’s had two babies with Kourt, so he’s actually a great person for the job. Kourtney wasn’t entirely happy about this new development. As she pointed out, Scott seemed more than willing to help Kim Kardashian with her baby stuff, but he wasn’t around all that much when his own babies were in utero. It came off as rather cold and selfish on Kourtney’s part, and it probably stressed Kim out all the more. Eventually, the tensions were resolved, thankfully.

It is a shame that Kanye West wasn’t around for Kim Kardashian during those last few months of craziness, but it’s great that, by all accounts, the couple are together now and enjoying baby North West (aka “Nori”) – and their privacy!

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