Kim Kardashian is dissatisfied with their breasts and doesn’t want the second baby

Kim Kardashian has recently became a mother a wonderful little girl and already takes care of the own life, recovering from giving birth, Kim trying to change appearance. She already managed to be recoloured in the blonde, and now she engaged seriously growing thin, besides, Kim doesn’t leave the house before growing thin , wishing to be ideal for thousand fans.

Reduction of a breast which after the delivery, by words Kim during pregnancy increased twice to the size F became the actual desire Kim. But Kanye West totally against such procedure. In addition he asked Kim to give birth at once for him to one more baby, because he doesn’t want that between children there was a big age difference.

However, according to an anonymous source, Kim at all doesn’t  want to think about the repetition of these hellish nine months. She wants to return to his body, and not another baby. Kim focuses on how to return to a former clothing size.

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