Young mother Kim Kardashian conquer Paris

Usually celeb-mothers do not appear in public for some months, and even for the whole year after the birth of the child. They are careful to lose weight and they are shy of their figure and put on the most closed, baggy dresses, until they are ready again to stay under the flashes of cameras. Kim Kardashian as well has initially promised that she would sit at home after giving the birth to Kanye West’s daughter. And then, obviously, she changed her mind.

On Paris Fashion Week, she was wearing an evening dress with an incredible neckline and the cut on the waist. On her shoulders Kim K threw an oversize jacket. By the way, in this creation from Riccardo Tisci the creative designer of Givenchy, just a couple of days ago on the runway went one of the models in the show brand. Now it is ” piping hot ” emblazoned on Kim.

Have to admit the authorship Tisci dress looks amazing on Kim’s lush figure. Although some fans doubt whether it is not too bold for a young mother. In their opinion, Kim is not to shine on the red carpet, she must learn modesty and be a good example for daughter. However, we think that Kim looks great in her new dress and black color makes her slim!

By the way, as the couple’s friends tell the reporters, Kanye West is quite pleased with Kim’s forms and tells her to relax and enjoy the compliments. There are rumors that Kim was nervous because she can not lose weight as fast as she would like to, and even thinks about radical methods such as liposuction. So, Kanye West’s friend told the magazine “Star Magazine” that Kim Kardashian continues to live in the gym , sits on a strict diet and even dyed her hair to distract attention from the plump waist. She is tired of trainings and is plannning to go to the plastic surgeon.

Kanye has his reasons to dissuade the bride from record to a specialist – just few years ago, his mother died from the infection which was caused by incorrectly performed plastic surgery. Not surprisingly that rapper frightened at the mention from Kim about plastic! He flatly refused to discuss this and most strictly forbade even think of such a method of work on herself.

Judging by recent pictures of Kim Kardashian in chic designer outfits, she listened to the request of Kanye and no longer worries about losing weight . On the contrary, the socialite decided to make a stunning neckline its main advantage . It seems that Kim hit the trend — photographers besiege young mother at each her emergence in light, and fashionable critics sing the praises of her plus – size. What do you think? Should she lose weight or is she more attractive now?

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