Kim Kardashian in a Barbie style

Kim Kardashian in a Barbie style instagram

Kim Kardashian is not one of those stars who stick to the same style over the years. She loves experiments and often shocks her fans with radical changes in her appearance. First Kardashian dyed her hair from a hot brunette to platinum blonde, and now decided on a bold experiment and made a pink ombre.

The photo appeared in the diva’s Instagram. Later in a Network there were photos of Kim, taken by paparazzi during her walk in Los Angeles. There the reality show star is in black pants and a white sweatshirt talking to someone on the phone, not paying attention to the photographer. Apparently, Kim switched to doll style after her photo shoot, where she posed in a pale pink airy dress.

However, not all the fans appreciated the transformation of Kim. Some remembered Rihanna’s photo shoot, where the singer had a similar dress, but in blue. According to some Internet users, this style suits Rihanna more.

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