Kim Kardashian Hates Her Body?

For someone who became famous, at least in part, for having an amazing body, Kim Kardashian sure does seem to hate her own figure. In a recent interview in the UK, Kim was asked if she was comfortable with her body. That seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it? Not for Kim. She paused for a bit and at first, she answered, “I think so, for sure.” But that answer didn’t stick: Kim later admitted that, “…no, I’m such a perfectionist. I don’t think I’m ever really comfortable.”

What’s going on? Kim used to be super confident — or at least she seemed that way. Maybe she was always uncomfortable in her own skin, and she’s only now coming clean about her body insecurities. Kim Kardashian’s ample curves are no doubt the envy of millions of women, so what gives? Kim really needs to get a grip — she’s got a killer figure!

A word of warning to Kim K.: If she’s even thinking about having a baby with Kanye West, she’d better be prepared for what will happen to her physique. It’s not just the physical changes of pregnancy (i.e. the bump), it’s the weight she’ll probably gain while pregnant. It takes a ton of work to get that weight off, though it’s possible Kimmy could get some tips from her new BFF, Beyonce. Bey dropped 60 pounds within a few short months after having little Blue Ivy Carter back in January.

Hopefully Kim Kardashian won’t go on some crazy, dangerous crash diet to become stick-thin like so many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. She needs to learn, especially now that she’s in her 30s, to love her body just the way it is!

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