Kim Kardashian Gets a Key to the City of North Miami

Filed under “Good Grief”: Kim Kardashian now has an official key to the city of North Miami, Florida. Yes, it’s absolutely true. This isn’t some crazy made up story. On Monday, Kim Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, were presented with a key to the city by North Miami’s esteemed (ahem) Mayor Andre Pierre.

Now here’s the question: Why? Why would Kim Kardashian receive such an honor? Normally this is the kind of thing reserved for esteemed citizens in a community. Kim…esteemed? Apparently, North Miami loves the fact that Kimmy and her sis are filming yet another season of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’ there, despite some reports that indicated otherwise. The city is rolling out the red carpet, quite literally, for the Kardashians.

North Miami’s mayor, Andre Pierre, gave Kim and Kourtney a plaque with a key on it that read: “This key symbolizes the freedom of the recipient—you, Kourtney and Kim—to enter the city at will.”

Wait, wait just a minute: Don’t Kim Kardashian and her sisters already come and go to and from Miami at will already? This whole thing seems like yet another ridiculous PR stunt, likely organized by Kris Jenner!

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