Kim Kardashian Definitely Has a Baby Bump

Get ready world, because Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is going to be a phrase you’re totally sick of very soon. Why? Because Kimmy is definitely starting to show. It’s small (she’s only three months along), but there’s no mistaking the slight pooch in her tummy. For now, Kim K. doesn’t need maternity clothes, though in a month or two she certainly will. Could the Kardashians start a maternity line? Certainly so, given the baby boom that’s going on lately.

Kim Kardashian looked ever so stylish in an oversized shirt and casual white jacket while at the airport on the way to Miami. The shirt couldn’t completely hide the beginnings of The Kimye Bump, and to be honest, she looked great. Kim might be all about the glitz and glamor of high fashion, but in this case, dressing down suits her really nicely. It’s unlikely she’ll go all earth mother, but it’ll be interesting to see whether — and how — the pregnancy changes her fashion choices.

It sure doesn’t seem like Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy is going to slow down her jet setting ways anytime soon. Later this month, Kimmy is headed to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast for several promotional appearances. Is all that flying good for the baby? It’s probably safe, but she still needs to make sure she’s not overdoing, and allow for lots of extra resting time.

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