Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Hitting New York Fashion Week in High Style

The power couple is at it again: Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Kanye West, are the talk of the town in New York City, where they’re taking in the incredible spectacle that is Fashion Week. No one should be surprised that Kimye is in town to see the latest, greatest fashion offerings on the planet!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West arrived for the swanky Marchesa fashion show and were promptly seated in the front row — considered a place reserved for only the luckiest VIPs. Wouldn’t you know it, Kim and Kanye nearly stole the limelight from the designer! Seriously, the press was all over the couple when they arrived, while they watched the show and when they left.

An Associated Press video gives you an up close and personal idea of what it’s like for these two nearly everywhere they go. It’s chaotic, to say the least! Kim Kardashian looked ravishing in a white, fringed dress that was both wild and a little conservative — at least in length. Kanye West, of course, dressed in denim, looking far more casual.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she sure knows how to draw a crowd, even for one of the hottest New York Fashion Week events!

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