Kanye West spent $ 1 million for his clip

The famous rapper Kanye West decided to impress the public not only with a scandalous music video, but also with an impressive sum of money that he spent for its shooting.

Recently, Kim Kardashian’s husband uploaded into Youtube a controversial video for his song Famous, which excited the public. The rapper said that in order tofilm the provocative video he had to spend a lot on wax mannequins-copies of celebrities. The amount was beyond the clouds:  Kanye spent 750 thousand dollars for few mannequins.

All mannequins were naked, as in the video the famous people are lying naked together in bed. Among them there is Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump and others. The rapper and his famous wife are in the video as well, but their wax doubles were not created –  the spouses just undressed and lay down in the bed to the wax figures.

Such crazy expense was not meaningless: just in a week Kanye West’s clip has collected 6 million views. And the number of views continues to grow.



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