It’s True! Kim Kardashian is Pregnant!

Kim Kardashian is pregnant. All those rumors over the past week or so? Apparently, they were true! Kimmy and her man, Kanye West, are expecting a baby. Yeezy decided to let everyone know the news at a concert on Sunday night in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Not surprisingly, shockwaves are rocking the celeb world right now with the news that a baby Kimye is due sometime next year!

Here’s how the big announcement went down: During his December 30, 2012, concert at the Revel in Atlantic City, Kanye said, “stop the music and make noise for my baby mama.” And yes, Kim Kardashian was in the audience. Of course, the place reportedly erupted. Rumors that Kim was indeed expecting, and even suffering from morning sickness, first surfaced last week. Talk about a Christmas surprise!

As for specifics, no one really knows at this point. Kim Kardashian’s rep did confirm the happy news to Celebuzz, but offered no additional details. When will Kim and Kanye become parents? The only thing that’s certain is that they are having a baby, but right now, no one knows exactly when.

In a flash, Kim Kardashian has gone from reality TV star/socialite to mother-to-be. Is she happy? Probably, yes. Stay tuned for word from Kim soon, because now that the news is out, she’s going to bask in all of the attention she’ll be getting!

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