Is There Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

New reports suggest that Kim Kardashian might have yet another sex tape with Ray J., and it’s being “shopped” around. These are just rumors at the moment, but you can bet that if such a tape exists, the bidding will be fierce to see who gets it for distribution! (By the way, everyone seen the famous tape? If you not, this is it)

According to one report, another Kim K. and Ray J. tape is circulating, with prices reportedly in the $30 million range. Is anyone surprised? Any new tape of the now extremely famous sex tape star turned reality TV star will fetch mega bucks.

Whether that tape will ever see the light of day is a totally different question. Apparently, Kim Kardashian is “not happy” about this new tape and is going to do everything in her power to block the sale. No doubt her mom, Kris Jenner, is also working furiously to put a stop to this before it blows up.

You almost have to feel sorry for Kanye West at this point. Of course, he knows Kim Kardashian’s sordid history and he’s got his own sex tape rumors to deal with, but it still can’t be easy knowing the woman he loves has put it all out there for the world to see — more than once.

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