Kim Kardashian’s Divorce is Final: So No More Drama, Right?

At long last, Kim Kardashian is finally, officially free: Her divorce from Kris Humphries is final. For someone who was only hitched for 72 short days, this split took a ridiculously long amount of time. Let’s all hope that the seemingly never-ending drama is over, for now! The truth is, the Kim Kardashian divorce should never have been so dramatic. Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Getting Plastic Surgery While Pregnant?

Okay, most people are willing to cut Kim Kardashian a little slack for wearing her heels while she’s seven months pregnant. But getting plastic surgery treatments while she’s with child, too? No bueno. A newly released story makes a shocking claim about Kim: She’s apparently still getting Botox injections, even months into her pregnancy. If this is true, it’s extremely Continue Reading