Kim Kardashian’s Boyfriend Gets Deposed in Her Kris Humphries Divorce Trial

Poor Kanye West: You’ve got to wonder if he truly knew what he was getting into when he started dating Kim Kardashian. Surely he knew that taking such a leap would eventually cause big problems, right? On Wednesday, Yeezy got dragged into court and found himself smack in the middle of Kimmy and Kris Humphries super-ugly divorce trial. Yes, despite Continue Reading

Which one of Kim K’s exes did Kourtney Kardashian Diss?

When it comes to loyalty, not much can compare with the Kardashian sisters. You mess with one of them, you mess with them all. Kourtney Kardashian certainly proved that even time can’t mend wounds this week in Miami, Florida, when she absoultely refused to sit anywhere near sister Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush! What did Reggie do, exactly? He and Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Meets Kanye West’s Family

It’s been five years since Kim Kardashian’s super famous boyfriend, Kanye West, lost his mother tragically. Donda West died suddenly and shockingly of complications from cosmetic surgery. West was understandably devastated, and he continues to mourn her passing. Now, he has Kim to mourn with him. On the day after Thanksgiving, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian flew together to Oklahoma Continue Reading

Poor Kendall Jenner: Loves a Boy Band, but They Don’t Love Her?

Kendall Jenner is without question one of the most beautiful girls in the Kardashian family. She’s probably also quite spoiled, and totally used to getting whatever she wants in life. That’s why, when she was dissed by an up and coming boy band, it made headlines. What happened? Apparently, Kendall Jenner is very much smitten with current X Factor USA Continue Reading