What is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Craving?

It’s a fact: Pregnant women get major cravings. It’s also a fact that sometimes those cravings are a little strange. Kim Kardashian is no exception. Apparently, being a mega-famous socialite/reality TV star/businesswoman does not give you a free pass from Crazy Cravingsville. What exactly is Kim jonesing for? Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, spilled all the info on Kimmy’s pregnancy Continue Reading

New Mom Kourtney Kardashian Sizzles in Sexy Bikini

It’s not unusual at all for major celebrities to drop a lot of post-baby weight after giving birth. They do it quickly, whether on their own or with the help of a trainer. Kourtney Kardashian just had baby Penelope Scott Disick six months ago, and already she’s back in perfect swimsuit shape. Who wouldn’t want to show that off, right? Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Look: Frumpy or Chic?

It’s finally happened: Kim Kardashian has stepped out in public wearing clothes that could definitely be defined as “maternity.” Kimmy is heading into her second trimester of pregnancy, so she’s going to start really showing in the next few weeks (most likely). No doubt her usual arsenal of tight-fitting skirts and leather pants won’t fit over the growing baby bump, Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Will Be Followed Closely on E!

Ryan Seacrest is speaking out about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. During a recent appearance on late night TV, the executive producer of all the Kardashian E! reality shows let everyone know that yes, Kim and Kanye’s pregnancy will be closely followed on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ Is anyone surprised by this news? Probably not. As to how far and how Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Definitely Has a Baby Bump

Get ready world, because Kim Kardashian’s baby bump is going to be a phrase you’re totally sick of very soon. Why? Because Kimmy is definitely starting to show. It’s small (she’s only three months along), but there’s no mistaking the slight pooch in her tummy. For now, Kim K. doesn’t need maternity clothes, though in a month or two she Continue Reading

Kris Jenner Unloads on Twitter Over Criticism of Pregnant Daughter Kim

Kris Jenner is known for being very hands on where her daughter’s lives are concerned. Some might say she’s a little too involved (actually, downright bossy), but even critics would probably agree that when it counts, Kris always has her kids’ backs. The Kardashians can duke it out amongst themselves, but anyone else? Not a chance. This week, Kris decided Continue Reading