Pregnant Kim Kardashian Flashes The World

Kim K photo in LA

Just because Kim Kardashian is pregnant, doesn’t mean she won’t gladly give the world what it wants. This week, Kimmy arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport after attending the big ‘Temptation’ movie premiere in Atlanta, and boy did she turn heads. Why? Because, quite frankly, Kim K. opted to wear a see-through shirt!

Oh Kim: You were doing so great with that gorgeous movie premiere look. Why, why, why? At least Kim Kardashian is now opting for flat shoes once in a while, instead of her sky-high heels. That has to be better for baby, and for her growing body!

The actual see-through outfit Kim Kardashian wore at LAX is kind of cute, actually, if you can get past the whole flashing part. The all-black ensemble also included a really smart looking black blazer and black leggings. With her hair pulled back and those great new bangs, and of course her zillion dollar handbag, she looked downright cute. Even her bra, which was on display for all the world to see (along with that ever-growing baby bump), was color coordinated. And her bangs look great!

With Kim Kardashian, there usually is no middle fashion ground. Her outfits are either spot on, or a total disaster. In this case, Kim wins for coordination, but loses because really, who wears a see through shirt when they’re five months pregnant? It’s one thing to wear this sort of shirt on a sexy date night in Hollywood, but while flying? It just seems like a feeble attempt to get publicity (and it worked).

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