Kim Kardashian on ‘Good Morning America’: Talks Pregnancy Style and More

Kim Kardashian was in New York City this week, promoting her new movie, Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation,’ and of course discussing her pregnancy. And during an appearance on ‘Good Morning America,’ Kim decided to talk specifics about her wardrobe. Kim says it’s all about being comfortable right now, but does that mean she’s giving up her signature, sexy high heels?

No. In fact, Kim Kardashian told Lara Spencer during her ‘GMA’ interview that she was surprised that the new flat shoes she recently wore “actually hurt” her back. Now that’s a first, right? Flats are supposed to be better for pregnant women (they are sturdier and supposedly put less stress on the lower back), but in Kimmy’s case, it seems her Louboutins are the way to go. For now, she says, she’s giving the flat shoes a chance. Kim also added that her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, warned her that no matter what she wears (or doesn’t wear), someone will always criticize her choices. That’s certainly true.

Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her first child with Kanye West in July, also discussed her budding acting career. She says that working with Tyler Perry was fantastic, and her character in his ‘Temptation’ movie was a little meaner than she is in real life. Kim added that it was “fun to play” the “snarky” role of Ava. Will Kim be doing more films in the future? She says she hopes to do more acting, though with a new baby on the way, there’s no telling when she’ll find the time.

Are you planning on seeing Kim Kardashian in Tyler Perry’s new movie?

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