Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales are Way Up

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales are Way Up

Well well well, it seems that every single time Kim Kardashian makes huge headlines, everyone wants to see her sex tape with Ray J. Sales and viewings spiked in the weeks and months after she married Kris Humphries in 2011, and now, guess what? The same thing has happened, since Kim and Kanye West’s big pregnancy news broke.

What’s going on? Probably just natural curiosity. It seems the thing that initially made this Kardashian so famous is still the thing she’s most known for — even after starring in a huge reality TV show or two, dating a high-profile NFL star, marrying an NBA star and now hooking up and starting a family with one of the world’s best known rappers. Face it Kimmy, you’ll always be “the sex tape girl.”

According to TMZ, on-demand purchases of Kim K. Superstar have “spiked 80%” this week. The high demand apparently began immediately after Kanye West told the world that he and Kim were having a baby. In fact, Vivid Entertainment says since Kim and Kanye first got together, sales and viewings of the Kim K. Superstar sex tape have “steadily increased” since Kimye began.

While everyone wishes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West well, it’s really sex tape co-star Ray J who should be getting the congratulations. He’s making bank! And course if you following this link you can find Kim Kardashian sex tape if you not watched it

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