Kim Kardashian is going to become a lawyer

It turned out that Kim Kardashian is not thinking solely about provocative looks and never-ending selfies. The celebrity is seriously planning to follow her father’s steps, and enroll in law school (the father of the socialite Robert Kardashian is a lawyer).

Currently, the 35-year-old Kim Kardashian has everything you could wish for, but one wish still remains unfulfilled: the star plans to get higher education. The actress and model became famous shortly after leaving school, and was involved in the activities in the field of show business, leaving no time to continue her studies. Now Kardashian is going to change this situation, and to become a forensic investigator. According to Kim, she was inspired by the work of her father, who sacrified 10 years of his life to the law practice. Kim Kardashian likes to watch the shows on the investigation of crimes. If she fails to implement her plan than someone from the celebrity’s children will have to obtain legal specialty.

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