Kim Kardashian dismissed her devoted bodyguard Pascal Duvier

The bodyguard of Kim Kardashian Pascal Duvier has shared bad news with journalists, which was that the star got him fired from work. He is very upset by such an attitude on the part of the famous family.

It is worth noting that the robbery of the socialite happened a month ago in a hotel in Paris. After the incident, Kim Kardashian decided that she should change all her bodyguards, since there are unknown details in the attack. Even the devoted guard Pascal Duvier fell under suspicion, though he served faithfully to the family.

In her interview with reporters, Kardashian says that she doesn’t blame him in this situation, because she didn’t feel danger when she was alone in the hotel. During the incident, the bodyguard was at a nightclub with her sisters, but this fact did not prevent her to dismiss him from his post. Pascal’s mother said that her son is very upset with this attitude, as he was always confident that he was in good standing with the famous family. Now the former security guard at the age of 43 years old is looking for a job.

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