Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Romantic Hawaiian Getaway

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Kanye West, are taking a little time away from their busy, bi-coastal lives to hang out in Hawaii. And surprisingly, they’re not all glitz and glamor — at least, not at the moment. New photos show the happy couple doing pretty normal things!

Leave it to the paparazzi to capture every single second of Kimye’s Hawaiian vacation. The perfectly matched Kim and Kanye spent some time taking a nice stroll for a little exercise and fresh air, and then they headed to the grocery store. Now granted, they got to the store in a gorgeous, black Ferrari, but still — it’s almost normal, isn’t it?

Even without a stitch of makeup on, Kim Kardashian looks great. Take away all the fancy designer dresses and the crazy-awesome designer heels and accessories and she still manages to look good. In fact, she almost looks better without all the glitzy stuff. It’s good to see Kim still has her curves, too. They’re hard to miss, whether she’s wearing tight-fitting workout clothes or bikinis.

Kim K. decided to show off her assets to her Twitter followers again on Sunday night, tweeting out a photo of herself in a black, one-piece swimsuit (looking stunning, of course) and telling everyone, “Happy Sunday!”

That’s a good cure for the Monday doldrums, isn’t it?

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