Karl Lagerfeld adviced Kim Kardashian to stop showing off

The robbery of Kim Kardashian during Fashion Week in Paris, turned out to be on the top of the world news, and as journalists have already calculated, the fame of this incident will bring the star a lot more dividends than all those jewelries, which she has lost.

The art director of Chanel Paris Fashion House, Karl Lagerfeld, gave valuable advice on how to avoid similar troubles in future. He said that the reality star shouldn’t have shown off (including in social networks) her jewelry, and that she should choose a hotel with trustworthy security so that no outsiders could come into the room.

In his opinion, “it is impossible to first show off your wealth, and then be surprised that someone wanted you to share it”. An American lawyer Steven Brayer that has chaired the Supreme Court of the United States since 1994, admitted that Kardashian is not the owner of the jewelry, and just rented them for Fashion Week. This practice is widely spread in Hollywood during the award season, including the prize “Golden globe” and “Oscar”.

By the way, during the attack on the celebrity in the Parisian hotel, the five criminals stole not only a jewelry box, but also two gadgets. Stolen jewelry worth 15 million euros may seem so trivial compared to what was in the hands of the robbers from Kim Kardashian’s phone.

There were thousands of photos and videos of an erotic nature in her phone. If sex content flows in the Network, Kim Kardashian can turn back into an actress of cheap sex tapes, as it was in her youth.

“The whole family of Kim is shocked! In addition to the provocative stuff of Kim and her husband rapper Kanye West, stolen phones contain lots of personal information on all the Kardashians. Kim Jenner was forced to take urgent measures and to change routes, plans, phone numbers and email addresses of their daughters,” reports a close family friend.

Kim and her sisters had to change phone numbers, email addresses, and completely change their schedules since all information was saved in the phone.

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