Kanye West proposes to Kim Kardashian (photo and video)

Kanye West proposes to Kim right in the day of her birthday. He hired the whole stadium for that occasion and kneeled down before Kim in the presence of all her kins giving her the diamond ring in 15 carats.

The young mother Kim Kardashian has finally become a bride of her baby’s dad. According to the couple’s words, Kanye didn’t want to register his relationships with Kim, and she was not eager to make a grand wedding after her unlucky marriage to Kris Humphries.

However, the birthday of his beloved is a good reason to make up his mind on such a serious step, Kanye may have thought. And, perhaps, it was the unbelievable sexuality of Kim on the last published photos that made an impact on him? Anyway, Kanye hired the whole AT&T Park stadium in San-Francisco for the evening and arranged a banquet there with the fireworks and the orchestra for the guests.

Suddenly, the stadium became empty and the orchestra played one of Kardashian’s favourite songs which is Young And Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, the huge screen with the words «PLEEEASE, MARRY MEEE!!!» lighted and West gave the dimond ring in 15 carats by Lorreine Schwartz to the confused Kim.

Such a gesture took the young woman by surprise for sure and she couldn’t help answering ‘Yes’. After that all the family and friends came to the happy bride and groom and were the first to congratulate them.

Throughout the day Kim received congratulations in the social networks from her mother and sisters Khloe and Kourtney. Of course, both kins and fans of the young mother wrote her the warmest words and Kim was grateful for it in her Twitter:

I am so overwhelmed by all of this birthday love!!!! Thank you so much! It means the world to me!

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)

In video you can see photos and main video of this event

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