Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Photo Shoot Ever?

Kim Kardashian has thrilled fans for years with sexy, revealing photos of herself. But now, in a brand new spread in a popular French fashion magazine, she might be her sexiest self ever. Kim K. is on the cover of Factice magazine, wearing lingerie and nothing else, and she also has a photo spread that’s simply stunning.

Kim Kardashian’s Factice cover is certainly revealing, but it’s also sexy in an almost understated, classic kind of way. Yes, Kimmy’s wearing nothing but her undergarments (and a fur stole, PETA won’t like that!), but she looks really demure. Her hair is vamped to the max and she’s in full-on pout mode, giving her a Bardot-like quality. Say whatever you want about Kim Kardashian, but never ever say she doesn’t take amazing photos!

Kim Kardashian was quick to show off her Factice magazine pics, posting them to her personal blog for everyone to see. In the photos, Kim wears more lingerie, a couple of furs, some sort of feathery boa thing, and her high heels. All the lingerie and accessories are neutral toned, giving Kim an almost ethereal beauty. The photos are provocative, but in a more artsy way.

What do you think of Kim K’s new lingerie photos in Factice?

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