Kim Kardashian Under Fire: Kris Humphries’ Ex-Girlfriend Goes After Her!

Kim Kardashiana and Myla Sinanaj are going at it, at least, legally speaking. Myla is the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s soon-to-be ex-husband (following this?), and she absolutely hates Kim K. This woman is a piece of work, putting it mildly. She made headlines for allegedly claiming she was pregnant, and that Kris was the father. She later claimed she’d never said Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Divorce Drama Continues: She Says It has Nothing to Do With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian obviously knows what everyone is thinking: that she’s looking to divorce Kris Humphries as quickly as possible, so she can marry Kanye West. Kim didn’t get where she is today by being stupid. Now, she’s doing a little spin control, to quiet all of the naysayers. In a new report out today, Kim Kardashian reportedly says she’s not Continue Reading